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General Maintenance Services in Kankakee, IL

HVAC Maintenance in Kankakee, IL

Make performance a priority with the comfort system you purchase from Hinrich Heating & Cooling and take advantage of our HVAC maintenance in Kankakee, IL. Just like the automobile in your driveway, your HVAC system needs regular heating maintenance and cleaning to ensure it continues to work as designed.

Our team delivers maintenance and care in a tiered system of services that makes it easier to manage for the customer. When you purchase a “season ticket,” you get a level of service that gets you around the bases. Get a solid on-base percentage with our “single play” general maintenance level, or you can knock a bases-clearing “grand slam” into the bleachers with our full-year plan.

A Game Plan for Your Home

When you take advantage of our “season ticket” pricing for filters and service repairs, you save yourself more than just the money you spend in the short term. The fresh filters and replacement parts that keep your system running will save you the money you would have spent on major repairs.

The Difference is Clear

Learn about the importance of clear ducts and fresh filters when you take advantage of our regular inspections. We consider the entire HVAC system and how it impacts your daily life. Dust, dander, and debris can quickly clog up your ductwork and slow down the efficiency of your system. They are also a significant contributor to many of the health conditions you and your family may be dealing with on a regular basis.

Please take advantage of our air duct cleaning and sealing services to ensure your system is delivering clean air when it matters. We provide you with an estimate of the costs involved and a full report on the need for humidifiers or other system improvements. Instead of just living with the respiratory problems that can come with volatile organic compounds in your air, make the call to our team and start breathing better air.

Cleaner air begins with clear filters and sealed ducts that won’t allow any additional contaminants to affect your wellbeing. Start a conversation with our team today and schedule a consultation. We can tell you more about the health of your comfort system and our ideas for improvements.

Whole-Home Solutions

The Season Ticket Maintenance Program puts you in control of the process. Choose the home inspections and maintenance services you get.

Expert HVAC Maintenance Solutions in Kankakee, IL

Reasons HVAC Preventative Maintenance & Service Are Essential

Your HVAC system is always working hard for you and your home, so it is wise to give back with a little care and maintenance. Service for your cooling and heating unit is vital, and there are plenty of reasons you should schedule regular check-ups: 

Improved Energy Efficiency

A healthy system is an energy-efficient one. Protecting the planet includes using less fuel and an HVAC unit that operates at optimum efficiency draws less power.

Cost Savings

As a direct result of drawing less power, you will see a reduction in your energy bills. Saving money is always on the agenda, especially when using it to heat and cool your home.

Home Safety

Eventually, everyone hears of someone going away on vacation and coming home to an HVAC disaster. If the system fails while you’re in Palm Springs for a winter getaway, you could return to burst pipes or worse.

Improve Air Quality

Stale, stuffy rooms are uncomfortable to live in, so make sure your maintenance service addresses any issues with airflow, including inspecting the ductwork. You will breathe a lot easier when you know your HVAC system has been serviced by a skilled professional.