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AC Control

Corrective Equipment Repair Service in Kankakee, IL

Electricity powers your heating and cooling equipment, and it usually operates efficiently. Like components of any other system, electrical parts can become faulty. Prevent discomfort due to electrical malfunctions of your HVAC system by calling Hinrich Heating & Cooling. We provide restorative equipment repair service in Kankakee, IL. Our technicians are skilled in commercial, farming, and residential electrical services. Save money now by requesting a free estimate.

Budget-Friendly Electrical Work

We don't believe you should have to go broke to maintain your cooling and heating system. As such, we offer competitive rates for our electrical work. Paying less doesn't mean you receive subpar services. From inspections and diagnostics to repairs, everything we provide reflects our commitment to quality. General HVAC and electrical systems maintenance are also available to extend the life of your equipment.

Proactive Services

Faulty wiring and related problems are often the cause of electrical fires. Be proactive about protecting your home or business from damage by asking us to do home safety inspections. We do thorough checks, and if we find any areas of concern, we recommend how to correct them. Contact us to schedule your no-cost estimate.

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